Leadership & Executive Development



 Great leaders don’t blame the tools they are given.
hey work to sharpen them   Simon Sinek


Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching is professional development positioned for high achievers. This includes development for rising stars within organisations, management and directors/company leaders, executives and CEO’s.


In essence, it is development that seeks to enhance effectiveness within the work environment and helps leaders to:

  • successfully reach professional goals
  • become principled leaders and
  • effectively manage talent for optimal performance within their organization


Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching zeros in to harnessing greater effectiveness and generally addresses several areas - including leadership development, emotional intelligence, resilience, personal mastery, communication, time management, confidence building, presentation, strategy, organization and planning, conflict resolution, team building, work/life balance and more. All of what amounts to greater performance and better results.


Organisational Benefits

Improvements in...

Individual Benefits

Improvements in...
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Organisational Strength
  • Service
  • Staff Retention
  • Cost Reductions
  • Profitability
  • Relationships with Uplines, Downlines, Peers & Clients
  • Teamwork
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Job Effectiveness
  • Conflict Reduction
  • Organisational Commitment

And Much More...



Coaching is tailored to suit specific needs and requirements.

Offering maximum flexibility, Executive/Leadership coaching programs will take into account your committed business and travel schedules. This may also include location and shadow coaching as may be appropriate from time to time. Coaching is effective online, by phone, in-person sessions - or a combination of these.



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