Life Coaching 



Life Coaching is all about personal effectiveness, personal empowerment and a life you really love!


It is a process that helps you unleash your greatest potential, take charge over what's been holding you back and finally begin realising your aspirations and dreams.


Through the coaching process and fully supported by your coach you can expect to:

  • discover your strengths
  • zero in to where you are stuck and increase your resourcefulness through those areas
  • develop greater motivation and get a handle on procrastination
  • clarify (or further clarify) what you really want
  • grow your confidence and belief in you and your ability to achieve
  • develop a clear and do-able action plan to make your dreams happen

Learn to celebrate your achievement, appreciate what's great and develop trust in you to make even more possible


If there's anything at all that you've been sitting on, waiting to get started (or finished!), waiting to change, wanting to advance or move on - then Life Coaching is for you!


If you're clear about what you want, but you aren't sure about the how - then Life Coaching is for you!


If you have no idea what you want but just know it isn't what you have (in any area of your life) - then Life Coaching is for you!


If you're just feeling a general sense of dissatisfaction (whether you know why or not) - then Life Coaching is for you!


If you're ready to finally take Nike's advice and JUST DO IT - then Life Coaching is for you!





Wondering how you're travelling so far?

CONTACT US for your copy of the Life Satisfaction Quiz to see what shape your current Wheel of Life is in.




This will give you a quick at-a-glance snapshot of the areas that are travelling well and the areas that are perhaps limping along a little. It'll point to where you could benefit from some focussed attention to 'pump up the tyres' and ensure you're enjoying a better ride in the car called Life.






What can you work on in Life Coaching?

Here are some ideas...

* building confidence     * starting that business venture     * sorting out your r/ship, finances, health...     * getting your work/life balance back


* finding your ideal partner     * communicating better     * getting organised     * managing time better     * public speaking     * managing conflict


* developing new skills     * learning to be SELFish     * balancing your mind, body & spirit     * career clarity, development or change    


* expanding your social circle     * assertiveness & boundaries     * improving motivation     * stopping procrastination     * goal-setting & goal-getting


* unleash creativity     * managing obstacles     * gaining clarity in any area   


and much more!

Success Point is here to support you on the way to your Exceptional Life







What is a Discovery Session?

This is an initial coaching meeting which enables us to establish whether we would be a suitable working partnership. This is important as the foundation of coaching sits on the shoulders of an open, honest, trusting relationship between client and coach. And essentially - we need to like each other!


You'll learn more about what coaching is and how the coaching process works, together with more about the various Success Point coaching programs.


You’ll also experience being laser-coached on an area of your choosing






Book a DISCOVERY SESSION to learn more about how Success Point and Life Coaching can help you to begin making the changes you've been dreaming about.



 The way to get started, is to quit talking and get doing   Walt Disney