Leadership is not a title.....

Yet far too often titles, levels of pay, positions and their related authority are confused with, and misunderstood as leadership. Leadership, or more correctly, effective and true leadership, cannot be assumed on the basis of these things. They simply provide an access point into the typical realms of leadership, but the leadership itself is about action and not position.


Leadership is a Verb - not a Noun alone



It is about what you are doing on the foundation of who you are being and how this matters and impacts that around you. It is something that you earn each day. 


WHO are you walking as each day and WHAT is the impact of this..? 





Leaders become great because of their ability to inspire & empower. A leaders ability to lead others is best determined by his ability to lead himself. Emotional intelligence is everything! A team usually won't rise above the leadership example being set.
True leaders usually create more leaders not more followers. A team's effectiveness is usually a reflection of its leadership. Great leadership is invitational.
Leadership means getting along with people.....well. Humility may well be the x-factor of great leadership. Leadership is learning.




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