What Clients Say




I am lucky!


Daily I am reminded to acknowledge this fact as I reflect on the amazing people I have the privilege and honour to partner and work with.


Coaching truly is a rewarding journey that can produce incredible results. It is also very benevolent as I too can't help but learn through every encounter and I can’t help but be touched by people’s courage in reaching for more and taking bold action to make it so. Even when it's not so easy to do! As they step into more of the truth of who they really are, I see limitations in belief and action drop away, paving the way for a bigger and better version of themselves. Doors open to the creation of the most incredible things. It’s inspiring… it’s exciting… but most of all, it’s deeply humbling.



To all of you, who have chosen to share your journey with me over the years – I say THANK YOU!

Meny Lees



Client Testimonials

In just 3 months, I achieved more in my business than I would normally have achieved in about a year. My productivity has sky-rocketed and with it my bank account!!! Meny keeps you on your toes and accountable to all the things that you know you have to do but never quite get around to doing. Her attention to detail, listening skills and professionalism are exceptional! I would highly recommend coaching.


- B.P.  Entrepreneur/Company Director


My productivity



Coaching has been a worthwhile and beneficial process for me. The enhanced leadership results I now enjoy as a result of the coaching process include:

  • my level of physical and emotional energy to generate an outcome is far less, and yet I generate better outcomes
  • stress going into the system, and stress with others is now gone
  • I operate more as a conductor, just steering and tweaking towards optimal results
  • things now flow for me generally, where I once 'pushed', and still I generate greater results
  • I take much more pleasure out of my work
  • I have more patience and evaluate things more fully and effectively
  • I now reflect on the impact of something before I act, so I am making decisions more prudently
  • coaching has also affected my personal life positively - I can now manage difficult or stressful personal moments where previously I would not have managed

- M.S.  Australasian Marketing Director


I now have 

a better flow,
I generate more,

I no longer push

I came to coaching because I was struggling to get my mind in a positive direction. I wanted Meny to help me get a better understanding of my goal to make the National swim team, and to help me achieve it. Not only did she do this, but she helped me to also enjoy the process. With coaching, I have achieved plenty of personal bests, won the state open and I am now going to the Nationals and am only 4 seconds off the Olympic trials. It is amazing! My entire attitude towards racing, training and life in general has changed for the better. Thank you Meny!!


- C.W.  Elite Swimmer


I achieved

plenty of 

personal bests

My life now has a much clearer sense of calm and order, and I feel much more in control of my own destiny. I love what the affirmations have done for me. I specifically feel so much stronger, calmer and self-confident about who I really am. Like all things, my coaching came at a time when I really needed it. It was perfect for me and has definitely changed the outcome of my future both personally and on a professional level. Each word Meny speaks is a delicious piece of insight you can't wait to bite into, spoken from the heart of knowledge, hope and understanding. Meny has made the world of difference in my life. I have discovered an inner strength that I never knew I had. I cannot thank her enough for being so incredibly good at what she does, but most of all, my life feels richer to have been touched by her beautiful (advanced!) soul. Wow!!


- G.J.  Singer/Recording Artist (www.ginajeffreys.com.au)


I am in control of

my destiny

My life has opened up to infinite possibilities that I can now choose from and I feel free to go after whatever I want in my life. Coaching has helped me to learn kindness to myself and get through my fears, giving me the personal resource that I needed to start to live the life I truly want. During my journey, I achieved the goals I set for myself and more, including finishing my studies, launching my business, relocating my residence, expanding my social circle, entering into an intimate relationship and getting my body back on track. It has been a real coming alive for me. I would highly recommend coaching - it was a real win.


- N.B.  Company Director


I learned kindness

to myself

I have found coaching to be an extremely successful experience for me with positive changes evident from the very first session. Within a month, the overall results for me were AMAZING. I was previously very aware of my anxiety towards performing on stage and TV. Meny and I worked towards changing what was often an uncomfortable experience due to the anxiety, into a wonderful opportunity that I now look forward to eagerly. My confidence has grown tremendously and I am loving being the 'real me' in my performances now. With new strategies, affirmations and paths to follow, I have learned how to re-direct old habits that held me back from performing more fully. I am now happier, more balanced and I feel unstoppable. What I love most is that these changes began right at the very first week of coaching. My first TV experience since coaching has been highly enjoyable and comfortable, as I showcased the 'real me' happily and with confidence. Thanks Meny.


- S.S.   Singer/Songwriter (www.sarastorer.com.au)


My confidence

has grown

Coaching allowed me to go where I wanted to and at the pace I wanted. It has started me focusing on the important basics - looking after me, my relationships etc. I have great new techniques and insights on dealing with problems and issues. My perspective has expanded and I am not so overwhelmed. I now feel more proactive with greater energy. I have powered through the challenges I had. Meny is a good listener.


- M.H.  Supply Chain Director


I now focus

on the



Meny Lees has changed my life! Over 6 months my life has been transformed. What was only possible in my dreams, is now possible in my reality! Meny has given me the knowledge and skills to create the life I have dreamed of for so long. I found Meny's approach incredibly insightful, intelligent, sensitive and always encouraging. As a person and as a coach, Meny Lees is exceptional! Thank you so much!


- S.W.  International Freelance Photographer


I see how

I can create

my dream life

Being a coach myself, it was important for me to find someone that stretched and challenged me in new ways - I wanted a new perspective, honesty, and the ability to use techniques that would create a transformational shift in my thinking. Meny has consistently helped me find new direction in my life and my business, and has been an integral part of the exciting journey I have been on over the last 3 months in setting up and running my own coaching practice. Her calm manner and fantastic linguistic ability has not only assisted me in moving forward personally, but I've been able to leave each session with new ideas and perspectives for my own clients. Thank you Meny for your wonderful insights, your ability to get to the crux of a problem, and your inspirational techniques to move me forward. I've left every one of our sessions together feeling calm, invigorated and excited about my new options and goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending Meny to anyone that wants to create their vision of the future.


- F.H.  Company Director  


I am now

& excited

Coaching has improved my life in all aspects and I am now happier and healthier overall. At the start of the program, I was generally unwell, very lethargic and uncertain of where I wanted to go. Coaching has helped me to improve my health and wellness significantly and I also no longer smoke. I have much less stress in my life. I have improved confidence in work and life and clarity about what I want. My public speaking has improved, I am more organised both at work and at home, I have saved money while still paying off my debts and enjoying a fun fund. I am now more motivated and positive with new confidence in myself. I thank Meny for providing me with strength, knowledge and strategies for my improved life. I found Meny to be warm with an amazing energy when talking with her that was consistent and trustworthy. I have achieved all of the goals I set out to achieve and even more. Thank you Meny!


- K.L.  Quality Improvement Officer



helped me

improve my

health & wellness

I found the coaching program to be extremely rewarding. Meny’s style and approach in assisting me to learn was excellent. Her patience and ability to explain concepts in different ways are outstanding qualities. I found her positive approach to be confidence building and empowering. This provided motivation for me to achieve my goals. The content took me through topics that I needed to understand so that I could focus my direction. This allowed me to achieve goals that initially I thought I wasn’t capable of doing. I was able to improve my communications across all areas of my life and also improve my self confidence. Having completed coaching, I now have confidence in attempting anything I want to achieve. The professional approach that Meny provides combined with the content made the experience extremely valuable for me.


- G.W.  Materials Co-ordinator


It was

confidence building

& empowering

After taking a break from the music industry - the pending re-launch of my career was certainly causing me a little anxiety and stress. Meny, together with her knowledge and professional approach not only guided me through some necessary behavioural changes, but also enabled me to claim ownership of the necessary tools to lead to a more successful and productive life. In every session, Meny and I worked together on executing very specific goals that I could easily measure and enjoy the results of IMMEDIATELY. With my 'new tools', I have built a very solid and very reliable foundation to build and grow from. If you have a hunger and drive to succeed, then recruiting Meny and Success Point is a logical and significant step towards attaining all you think is possible and more.


- T.S.  Singer/Songwriter (www.facebook.com/tamarastewartpage)


I have

new tools

for my

life toolbox

I am staggered by the results from Coaching. Meny guided me through opening up my mind to solve, approach and actually be aware of thinking blocks that have been stunting my professional and personal growth. I was amazed at what was revealed by the processes Meny employed. I learnt what has been holding me back and how to recognise what had created the blocks. Meny taught me the tools I can use to a surprising success. I will keep using these to paint a positive future. Meny was fantastic. She was non-judgemental, kind, firm, committed, focused, extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and all round brilliant. I'd love to recommend coaching to anyone, regardless of the challenges present or dreams they aspire to. Meny has definitely opened the doorway to me creating a joyous, successful, magical and aware future. Thanks so much Meny - I'm very grateful.


- B.W.  Singer/Songwriter (www.becwillismusic.com)


I broke





Personally I would not hesitate to tell anyone how much I enjoyed my time in coaching with Meny. I found I looked forward to each session and left feeling uplifted and very positive.  With coaching, I successfully changed jobs and bought myself a beautiful toy - a new car. The approach of identifying a goal and focusing on the achievement of it worked for me. Meny has such a lovely calm personality which makes you feel secure and relaxed to be able to focus on your desires and wants. I will return to coaching in the future and recommend it to all.


- D.R.  Strata Manager


I left uplifted

& positive

Having a coach enabled me to focus on positive steps to get through situations that I often found difficult, like making decisions and putting things off.  We came up with solutions together, rather than just talking about it. What I got the most from this experience was setting myself up with strategies to win and to get through those difficult situations. I am enjoying life much more now with an increased self-confidence, better work/life balance and generally more relaxed outlook. I found Meny to be empathetic, encouraging, friendly, solution focused and accepting.


- M.P.  Recreation Therapist


I stopped


Through coaching I have understood that life starts from me, and is not out there. This has helped me to take control of the things that did not work in my life, and change them around to things that do not just work, but work to the best of my ability. I have gained admiration from those who know me and those who do not. But most importantly, I have gained admiration for myself. I am happy in everything I do. My standards are higher than before and I achieve them with pleasure. I now have an abundance of inner and physical energy. Through coaching, I have been able to lose my desired weight, improve my confidence, manage my time more effectively and make great headway with my financial goals. I have greater motivation, with better clarity and balance than before. My relationships and communications are greatly improved.


- T.S.  Photographer


I learned


Through coaching with Meny my life has been transformed. I always knew that I could be living a better life, however, I couldn't seem to change and always ended up frustrated and back in the same place. Through the coaching program, I have successfully implemented change and now have the tools I need to continue to grow and to be able to create the life I dream of - being happy, wealthy and surrounded by loving caring people. With coaching I was able to leave a dissatisfying job and commence a new career, I improved my wellness, family relationships and sense of confidence.


- J.G.  Business Manager


I broke 

through my


of stuckness

The Exceptional Living Program worked for me. It has brought me from a point of despair and lack of direction to a world of unlimited possibilities and greater life vision. Meny works with outstanding awareness and understanding of others' needs, always in a positive, nurturing and motivated manner. I always felt the she believed in me and was committed to my success at all times.


- B.P.  Customer Manager


I have a bigger

vision for my life

Coaching was a journey into my mind, heart and soul. In wanting to write and record a self-funded successful CD, I felt overwhelmed by the many components needed to bring it all together. With Meny's honest and supportive guidance, I now have the tools, clarity and confidence to achieve my dreams. Meny not only helped me to visualise everything in manageable pieces, but to also enjoy the whole process. The new knowledge and skills I gained through my coaching sessions has positively rippled into all areas for my life. I would unreservedly recommend Meny Lees and coaching.

Thank you Meny - you're a gem!


- J.L.  Singer/Songwriter (www.facebook.com/jennymarielang)


I know how

to achieve

my goals

Coaching was the best gift I've ever given to myself. It has been a real revelation to me - I see myself with more clarity and I have realised that my potential is huge. I believe that coaching has opened a door within me by providing me with skills and strategies I can use going forward with my own Coaching business. I have gained confidence in my own ability and now feel that I can 'follow through' - something that I have been challenged by before. I have completed the study aspect of my coach training and this was a big ask as I am working as a counsellor and managing family life. I am really proud that I was able to do this within the timeframe I set. I truly feel that I can achieve anything I want. Meny is an inspiring, professional and compassionate coach. She is highly articulate and intelligent with an ability to hear beyond/beneath what is actually said.


- L.M.  Company Director


I see myself

with more clarity

Coaching became a journey of discovery as Meny assisted me to explore my options, face my weaknesses and grow. She has a gift for reflective listening which served to mirror my emotional state and allowed me to reflect on what is important to me. Meny has a passion for coaching and her years of experience are evident during the coaching sessions. I would recommend Meny to anyone who is considering Coaching as a way to reach their goals. 


- C.G.  Retired Social Worker


helped me
what's most

I returned to Meny for some further coaching after a previous program, and was surpirsed by how much I had learned and how much was now 'built in' and a way of life for me. I am more focussed on what is important to me and Meny is supportive in my 'wobbly' moments. I have recommended Meny to my friends and their expectations have also been exceeded when they were coached by her.


- N.K.  Design Director


I have made
that stick!

Meny is a true inspiration to me both personally and professionally. As my executive coach this past six months, Meny has certainly helped me turn many corners! In fact, Meny was a crucial factor in my self-discovery - a discovery that I perceived as totally unnecessary in the beginning. Meny enabled me to push through the tough self-awareness phase, and I found that through her gentle and purposeful support I was able to achieve both my work and home visions. I am now a high performance leader and mum, and I am in awe of Meny and would recommend her to the toughest of teams!


- E.B.  Head of Marketing


I thought
it was

I have just completed a series of leadership coaching and it has literally turned my world around. I was guided, not pushed into looking at myself and gained insights into my behaviours that literally blew me away. Through Meny’s coaching sessions I now have the tools to deal with situations I previously handled poorly and my organisational/planning skills have been greatly enhanced. My work colleagues have already commented on the changes! I would advise anyone who has the opportunity to experience this coaching to GO FOR IT! It is an amazing experience.


- J.F.  Compliance Manager


Others have
on the changes

I now experience true happiness every day. I am no longer waiting for something to happen (like being debt free) to be happy. I have the tools to create the life I want for myself, and knowing that is an amazing feeling. I am more confident, I have more fulfilling relationships, I love and respect myself, I can see my life unfolding in a way that I never would have thought possible. And to think that I thought I had all this before coaching. Meny was an awesome coach and I wish I could get everyone I know to coach with her. The world would really be a happier place if more people took control of their lives and their happiness and used the support of a coach to achieve their dreams.


- L.C.  Entrepreneur/Property Investor


I am no longer
for something
to happen

... IT CAN BE DONE ...